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Well here is an odd one; I just picked up an I-Game from someone and whenever I hit the cash out button, it hand pays, even if it's just a few credits. I was chatting with Jim from BettorSlots and it seems I may need a Key 28 chip to get into the settings (which I was able to get through Jim), however, I don't even know where to start ...

New slot machine addict here. I purchased a Double Diamonds machine from an estate sale a few weeks ago. The guys on the S+ forums helped me get itAny suggestions on things to rule out would be greatly appreciated. I will be reading the boards here and trying to make progress in the mean time. DBV not accepting bills | Forum The machine that it came out of might have a different SP chip and use ID-022.The bezel light could be broken and the machine wouldn't care -- it would stillI did think of that, I tried several other cash cans from my working machines, The... IGT PE and PE Plus Poker Games PE+ Buttons stopped working.Cash Out Button. Started by packerfan444.New Life Games LLC ». **Video Poker, Keno, Slots, 21** Gaming machines ». IGT PE and PE Plus Poker Games.

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igt slant top pe+ double double poker wba 11 no working |… And you know, I bowed out of this post when you started checking voltages and whatnot.I am THRILLED to see you got this one figured out, and we have likely addicted you, so we will see you more! Arduino Based TITO System | Forum Coin in and out meters with out using the jackpot key or opening the door. Major machine event are displayed on the VFD ExamplesA big hint: The protocol is serial 19,200 bps, 9 data bits 1 start and 1 stop.Hi guys, First of all I want to thank @Doc for sharing info on his IGT S+ Arduino project.

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2014-5-18 · I ve Igt S+ slot with every buttons are running except service button. Actually when i am pressing the service button the candle starting on or off at the top. Photographer, Slot Machine Addict, Sometimes Father Sometimes Brother For One And Only His Son . Andys35. Andy; NLG Member 101 to 250 Posts; ... I put it one white led in cash out ... Igt S+ Credit Limit Setup Help Needed. - News: 2014-6-19 · I ve SP1019 IGT S+. I try to change winning limit and credit limit from 999 to 9999 on 7-3 section. After i set it i press the white button and reels turn their selfs and its ok. The problem is on credit section i am seeing like 1500 or 1800 credit after winnings. S+ Newbie 3300 error - New Life Games LLC 2015-6-17 · The machine is trying to pay out however many credits were on the meter when someone hit the "Cash Out" or "Cash/Credit" button (depending on the legend insert), and has decided that there aren't any more coins in the hopper since it hasn't seen a coin exit the machine in "x" number of seconds. New Life Games LLC