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Examples: Battlefield 2 was infamous for grenade spam - especially on Strike At Karkand.Players would spawn with 4 grenades which they could chuck one after another, then refill instantly from an ammo pack on the ground, which lead to entire squads of

Team fortress 2 item definition indexes - AlliedModders Wiki These are all of the weapons currently in TF2 and their item definition indexes. * next to a set name means that set has set bonuses if all items in the set are worn. Note: All items in this list of class tf_wearable do not appear for GetPlayerWeaponSlot. Scout Primary [Slot 0] Demoman Stickybomb debate thread. - Bazaar.tf I personally, liked the change of the stickies being nerfed. The basis of this is purely on the fact that I (along with seemingly every other TF2 Demoman) uses the Stickybomb launcher, located in the secondary slot, as a primary weapon, for M1M2 Spamming. They do a solid 90-120 damage standard, meaning 270-360 for a perfect crit sticky. Team Fortress 2 - The Demoman Update

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17 Sep 2017 ... Events. RGB LAN 4 - June 22-23 ... Updated Grenade Launcher that reflects the amount of loaded ..... 18 deck slots is too much for new players. Grenade Launcher | Team Fortress Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia The Grenade Launcher is almost identical to the classic Grenade Launchers, but it's magazine can only hold four rounds, not six ... Slot. Primary ... For the older weapon, see Grenade Launcher (Classic). ... Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress Wiki .

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A Grenade Launcher (Lança-Granadas) é uma arma nos jogos clássicos de Team Fortress e é usada somente pelo Demoman. Ela atira granadas que explodem ou por impacto ou depois de aproximadamente três segundos após ser lançada. Os projéteis parecem ser azuis, independente do time do jogador. ... Slot 4: Rocket Launcher ... Updated Grenade Launcher that reflects the amount of ... Incase you didn't know, no, it's not a mod/workshop item, it's the normal TF2 grenade launcher edited and fixed, it's for a mod called TF2Classic, the current version of it doesn't have the fixed reload animation but it has the 4 barrel feature.Whenever the next update for the mod comes, it should have the fixed reloading animations. Strange Grenade Launcher - backpack.tf

The Stickybomb Launcher is the default secondary weapon for the Demoman. It is a modified grenade launcher with a large magazine and wide barrel. A fully charged ... Team Fortress 2 · Items · Weapons ... Slot. Secondary ... Ammo loaded . 4 ...

http://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/8/87/Liberty_Launcher_3D.jpg 13843,280,175,3,0,150,106,69,101,104,140,105,104,212,149,95,327,100,96,447,105,98,567,147,75,731,98 ... Team Fortress 2/Unused Weapons - The Cutting Room Floor Prerelease Grenades. Yes, these old chestnuts from the original Team Fortress.Some old, some new: They come in Bear Trap, Concussion, EMP, Frag, Gas, Healing, MIRV, Nail and Napalm flavors, all with lovely TF2-style models.When the crafting system was implemented, a crafting token was added for the grenade slot, but was later removed. Rate this list of the best/worst weapon(s) for each slot ... For Team Fortress 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Rate this list of the best/worst weapon(s) for each slot". CFG.TF - Weapon-specific crosshairs